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Easily convert your audio or video into text with Nephsonic and save time. If you are looking for a transcription service that can provide you with accurate transcripts of your audio and video files, then look no further than Nephsonic.

We pride ourselves on our fast delivery and excellent customer service. Our team of transcribers use the latest in speech recognition technology to convert your audio or video files into a text transcript. We can literally handle most audio formats (MP3, FLAC, WAV etc.) and video formats (MP4, MOV, AVI etc.). So whether you need a transcript for work or school, we can help you get it done quickly and efficiently.

Our transcription service can be used for many different types of content, including:

    • Business meetings, interviews and phone calls.
    • Court hearings and depositions
    • Trial transcripts.
    • Medical records (such as doctor visits)
    • Speeches
    • Recordings of lectures
    • Personal notes or diaries
    • Voicemails
    • Video clips, movies and songs
    • And more.

We also offer a full suite of proofreading and editing services to ensure that your transcript is as accurate as possible. In addition, we can also provide you with a report on the quality of the transcription—including how many errors were made during the process.

  • Features to benefit:

        1. Quick delivery (within 72 hours)
        2. Fast Turnaround Time
        3. 100% accurate transcriptions
        4. We can capture even the most difficult speakers and transcripts.
        5. 100% money-back guarantee. If you’re not happy with the finished product, you can get your money back.
        6. Languages available: French and English only

Our experienced transcribers are familiar with a variety of different accents and dialects, so you can be confident that your transcripts will be accurate. Place your order now to get started.

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